Issue #21

KC Wire Weekender


Brittany Daniel
Flo O'Neal
Harrison Neal


It's time to grab your girlfriends, sisters, mother, mother in law or any influential women in your life and head down to The Roasterie Kansas City Air Roasted Coffee, August 26th from 5:30 pm - 9pm for Kansas City Ladies Night Out #Undertheplane
Note: Tix $50


Charlie Parker Tour

Join us as we travel through “Bird” history all over the Kansas City metro! Charlie Parker made his mark on jazz history right here in our city, and we want to take you back in time to experience the making of “Bird.” Tour host, Chuck Haddix, is ready to share his knowledge of the jazz legend we all know and love with you, our jazz friends. This two-part tour will begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday, August 27th at the American Jazz Museum. Start with a walking tour of Kansas City’s own Jazz District and be amazed by the impact “Bird” had on 18th and Vine.

KC CannaFest with Method Man & Redman, Dizzy Wright, Murs, Ces Cru
CrossroadsKC at Grinder's
417 E 18th St


Our United City Cookout #3
Friendships are what will bridge Kansas City's divides so what better way to build relationships than a cookout?!? Everyone is welcome so invite friends! Please, bring a couple bucks to chip in to cover costs if you can.

- hotdogs & hamburgers
- water
- limited yard games

WHAT TO BRING: (all optional)
- a few bucks to help cover costs
- drinks other than water 
- any treats you'd like to share with the group
- folding chairs
- yard games


Know Your Rights Training
The Black Archives of Mid-America, Inc. - Kansas City
1722 E 17th Ter
Tuesday, 6-8pm
What do I do if I am stopped by the police? Do I have to let the police search me or my vehicle? Is it legal for me to film the cops? These are a few questions that have come up regarding police stops and filming the police. We will answer these questions and many, many more. Come and learn legal ways to interact with and film the police while protecting your rights. Our special guest is Mustafa Abdullah, Lead Organizer at the ACLU of Missouri. He will provide facts, tips, and answer questions about how to protect your rights while dealing with police.